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The medical office of Dr. Sai, is unique among medical establishments based on their treatment philosophy which states that, “A healthy mind and body is the recipe for a long, prosperous and happy life.” In addition to providing top quality medical care, our highly trained staff of nurses handle each of our patients with compassion and respect.

We specialize in treating a multitude of medical conditions ranging from minor surgical procedures to routine physical examinations. Our goal is to treat the total patient though evidence-based medical care. In doing so, we consider the emotional, social, cultural and physical well-being of each of our patients.

quality medical treatments

At Dr Sai's clinic, we also place great importance on educating each patient on preventive measures related to their medical condition or ailments. You satisfaction is our ultimate goal along with knowing that we’ve done our best for you. Call us today for an appointment.

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As a doctor of internal medicine Dr Sai specializes in diagnosing, treating, and managing the various diseases and conditions that affect the human body's internal organs.

Personalized Treatment

Better diagnoses, earlier interventions, more-efficient drug therapies, customized treatments provides a genomic blueprint to determine each person's unique disease susceptibility, define preventive measures and enable targeted therapies to promote wellness.



Receive The Care You Need w/o The Long Wait At our clinic.Most of the times Dr Sai able to do house calls in the next day.Lower Cost Than ER. Services.

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